How to Troubleshoot a Hot Tub Heater

I have been requested this issue by so lots of shoppers. Why will not likely my very hot tub warmth up? I have talked individuals via this approach about the telephone and have sent them a checklist of facts on how to exam the spa heater by themselves. I do not commonly propose that an close consumer test to troubleshoot their own spa. Working with energy can be dangerous and performing with electrical power and h2o can be fatal. It is constantly advised to get in touch with a competent service technician for any troubleshooting. That explained, many people today are extra than capable of troubleshooting their possess spa heater and this tutorial will aid them.

Spa & Warm Tub Heater Troubleshooting Guide

An simple to observe Spa & Incredibly hot Tub heater Troubleshooting Guide. Troubleshooting a spa heater can be a straightforward treatment if you have the appropriate tools.

Take note: This troubleshooting tutorial is meant for properly trained spa support pros. It is not proposed for the spa owner to troubleshoot their personal spa.

Resources you will want to have are:

A Multimeter, to test voltage, and a Clamp on Amp Meter, to examine for amp draw at the ingredient. You can not precisely troubleshoot a Spa heater ingredient with out these applications.

Multi-Meter: Utilised to take a look at for voltage at the heater ingredient terminals.

Amp Meter: Applied to check for amp attract by the heater factor.

You will also need various hand tools. Screw motorists, Pliers, open close wrenches, and so forth.

Be aware: Spa will have to be comprehensive of h2o and in usual operating situation to perform these assessments

To exam the heater factor, you have to: Test voltage at heater ingredient

1. Switch Ability off to spa. (This suggests to shut off source voltage to the spa at the breaker or disconnect).
2. Open up devices space and identify the heater assembly.
3. Open the spa heater assembly to expose the heater terminals.
4. Make certain all other wires and connections are absent from the heater terminals.
5. Open spa filter housing and get rid of filter. Swap filter lid and safe for operation.
6. Double verify area around heater terminals to make certain you have obtain to the terminals with the multi-meter probes, without the need of the hazard of touching other contacts.
7. Bear in mind, when you re-apply ability to spa, you will be doing the job with 240 volts of electricity. Drinking water and electrical power do not blend.
8. Make certain no water is in the vicinity of the terminals where by you will be working. Also, make confident you are not kneeling or standing in drinking water though screening for voltage at the heater terminals.
9. Re-utilize energy to spa and change thermostat up to result in heater to appear on. Listen to spa to see if procedure appears typical.
10. Turn multi-meter on and plug probes into the meter as directed by the meter instructions. You will be tests voltage.
11. Diligently put one probe on 1 of the ingredient terminals.
12. Carefully location the second probe on the other heater terminal.
13. Read through your multi-meter for voltage at the element.
14. Get rid of equally probes, and write down the voltage you go through from your take a look at.
15. Switch ability off to spa. If you gained “” volts at the heater terminal, your problem is most possible not the heater ingredient. If you acquired the right voltage at the heater terminals, you have to now test for amp draw at your heater.

Examine amp draw at heater component

1. Switch ability off to spa. (This indicates to shut off supply voltage to the spa at the breaker or disconnect).
2. Obtain wires that link to the spa heater terminals.
3. Clamp 1 wire that goes to your heater ingredient, with your amp-meter.
4. Make absolutely sure all wires are safe and protected for procedure.
5. Re-utilize power to your spa and transform thermostat up to trigger heater to appear on.
6. Examine amp-meter to see if amps are being drawn by your heater component.
7. Switch Power off to spa.
8. Create down the amp reading from your amp-meter. If you obtained an amp looking at from your heater. Your heater aspect is doing work. You require to glimpse for complications in other places.

*I f you been given the proper voltage at the heater terminals, but obtained no amp looking at when the spa was running, the heater factor is terrible.

What to do if heater component checks great during these checks, but does not heat spa, all through ordinary operation. Bear in mind step 5 in the voltage check. You removed the filter. Verify issue of filter, run spa for 24 hrs with no filter in spot to see if spa heats ordinarily. If spa heats usually with filter out, swap filter with new.

Now be knowledgeable every very hot tub / spa is unique. If you have a digital process, make notice of any exhibited error codes. The new digital units on the spas these days will do considerably of the troubleshooting for you if you know what it is telling you, but let’s leave that for a further article though.

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